Are the best.

They could be my downfall though, as a relative outsider/newbie, the forum took over last night for me, I have learned an awful lot over the past week, but there was nothing done by me last night on my blog, fascinating!

Thanks WordPress.

  • CV had to be addressed (not done until this morning, in a rush)
  • I now know what SPAM is
  • I now know that MY troll (he who sleeps at the bottom of my garden) is not the only one. (the troll threads were funny)
  • Don’t believe anyone (who blogs)

Yesterday I was introduced to Branchout on Facebook by a friend, it’s a career networking service which I think is a great idea, I wish I’d have thought of it, a lot of my friends use it (which I didn’t know) and so do their friends so you never know something good might come from it.

Woke up at 6.00 this morning (07-03-2012) as usual, heads a bit battered after yesterday, five hours at the computer clicking on every major retailer looking for work is no joke, I also joined all the job sites on-line I could think of and signed up for their “Job Alerts” via email.

I haven’t bought a paper in years but I’ll buy the Liverpool Echo this evening and have a look there. I also up-dated my CV today and will be posting that into the good old red post box too.

My First Interview.

I went for my interview at the Job Centre (02-03-2012) and saw a lovely man who explained everything in detail to me, he told me about which is their own website and some of the other places I could look for work, “as if I didn’t know” because once you’re receiving Jobseekers Allowance you have to keep a record of the nine steps you’ve taken a week to find work, in other words, you have to be seen to be looking.

Starting out with attitude and a hopeful heart.

I’m going to start looking first thing on Monday morning, wish me luck!

You Gotta Eat!

On The Breadline
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