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Warning: Most of the recipes I share might not be that healthy but they will be filling and tasty.

Oopsy’s are a god send.

Most of the major supermarkets have an “Oops” counter that they fill with all the fresh food that is right on its sell by date (unlike me who’s past it) most will be marked down to half price or less and you can find great bargains there, the Oops isle is the first place I look when I go shopping now.

Undercover bargain nabber

At first I was a bit embarrassed to be seen anywhere near the Oopsy counter, I’d stand not too far away, just near enough to see what was there, pretending to look at the low-fat yoghurt and cheese’s then when I thought no-one was looking I’d pounce and nab my dinner and maybe some stewing beef/lamb for a big pan of scouse, I can get about six meals from a 1lb of beef/lamb. I cook it on the day on the day I buy it and freeze it the next day “nom nom” Now it doesn’t bother me, needs must and all that.

I also look for mince too because it’s so versatile.

Here are a few recipes I make in bulk: